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4 Funky Odors in Your House Guests Smell but You Don’t

Posted by Emeline McKeown on March 31, 2018
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The only thing worse than having a smelly house is having a smelly house and not even knowing it! It’s hard to believe that you could actually become “nose blind” to nasty odors in your home but it’s true! So the question is, how do you get rid of smells that you don’t even know exist?

The most common odor people go nose blind to is the smell of man’s best friend! If you have family pets in your home then there are odors you have become used to that your guests will not find so welcoming. Do you sleep on a bed? Then you have odors from the mattress ( don’t worry- we all do!). Do you have a basement? That’s what I call ‘the smell cave’!

Afraid your house is full of funky odors? Don’t panic! Eliminate those sneaky smells and get your house smelling fresh like spring by reading the article below!

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