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Curb Appeal

Posted by otswe65ite on August 16, 2017
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Putting your home on the market is similar to preparing your home for a new career, which may or may not take several interviews with many prospective buyers. Your home is about to work for someone else and in order to do so you need to make sure your home has what others may lack, curb appeal!

Think about when you yourself have applied for a new job, you most likely have similar credentials as your fellow candidates i.e. experience, education, good work ethic but what sets you apart from other candidates is what will land you the job. You might think about purchasing a new suit, getting a fresh hair cut, and brushing up on the skills that make you qualified for this new venture. Your home is a no different, set your home apart from the rest with a fresh paint job to the exterior and/or an updated clean landscape with new mulch, bright floral beds and leafy plants. And, just like brushing up on your skill set make sure your home has brushed up on its regular maintenance like replacing cracked windows and cleaning out the gutters and vents.

Homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell. We’re not talking about replacing vinyl siding with redwood siding; we’re talking about maintenance and beautifying tasks you’d like to live with anyway.

This article provides some clever and inexpensive ways to spruce up your home and nail that first interview with prospective buyers!

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